“Food is a priority in my household, because it’s important to me that my family is nourished, but as my business was growing it got harder and harder to find time to keep cooking healthy meals, and still have a bit of time to myself.

We chose Callie to come into our home and help with food preparation due to her credentials as a nutritional consultant and her culinary skills as a chef.  We wanted someone who could not only help lighten our cooking load, but could nourish our family. Our family is a difficult one to cook for, yet Callie does it with ease.  She accommodates for our youngest son who is on a complicated dietary protocol called GAPS, and for our daughter who is vegetarian.  These two diets don’t have much in common, so it doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Callie has the amazing ability to create meals from whatever is available in our fridge.  I make sure to have basic good quality ingredients on hand, and Callie works magic with them creating delicious meals, as well as extra items I can pack in the kids’ lunches throughout the week.”

-Tracey Reed

“Callie provides fantastic nutritious meals for myself and my husband. She does an excellent job balancing the different preferences in our household, making everyone happy and leaving nobody hungry! Beyond being a fantastic chef, Callie is professional, friendly, tidy, and courteous. We have been very happy with Callie’s personal chef services and highly recommend Callieflower Nutrition!”

-Bianca & Jake